Klee wu   CCO

吴杰 首席创意官

Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction, The University of Detroit, USA.

Alfonso graduated from The University of Detroit,School of Architecture and Engineering at the top of his class. He worked as an Architect  Consultant in the United States  for 15 years.

He has international design and construction experience in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and The Middle East. With this vast amount of working experience, Alfonso has developed an expert knowledge in the field of Consulting and continues to develop innovative solutions for all projects he undertakes.

潘悦      潘悦工作室设计总监

潘悦 设计总监


Liu Liangzhou, Hongkong designer, has about 20-year experience in interior design and is an excellent interior design educator. He is also the master of British Saint Martin College of Art and Design and is good at design of hotel, club, luxury house, restaurant and high-level model house.

孙毅 马丁空间创意工作室总监

孙毅 设计总监


Master Gu: The famous master in geomantic omen, he is good at geomantic omen survey for commercial space and serves commercial business and office enterprises based on learning from the Book of Changes, providing consulting service for many real estate developers on geomantic omen.